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WPThemeDetector is a free WordPress theme plugin detector tool (short name is WPTD) that finds out which theme/plugin a website is using.

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About WP Theme Detector – A Quick Introduction

Founded in April 2023, WPThemeDetector (WPTD) is a leading WP Detector that finds the themes and plugins used by a WordPress website.

Additionally, inside its blog section, you can find the best:

  • Best WordPress themes,
  • top WordPress plugins list,
  • and lots of content related to WordPress products

This good thing is WPThemeDetector is: IT’S 100% FREE.

Yes, you can use this WordPress website detector at ZERO cost and also no fee for browsing and reading the content published under the blog section.

Check out our special pages:

  • WP Theme Detector: Check what WP theme is that.
  • Resources: How WPThemeDetector is built (what we’re using on this website).
  • Best Themes: Top-ranked (also most detected) WordPress themes library.
  • Top Plugins: Most-used WordPress plugins in the industry.
  • Reviews & Tutorials: Find the best content that is important to you & your website.

The Man Behind WPThemeDetector – About CEO (Owner)

I am Harpreet Kumar, a professional blogger being in the WordPress industry, since 2016.

I do run multiple WordPress blog sites and WP Blogging 101 is one of the most primary blogs.

What’s Next?

If you’ve made it this far… THANK YOU.

WPThemeDetector is a project that I’ve poured my heart and soul into – helping my readers to find the top WordPress blogging tools and take it to the next level.

Here are our other tools you might interested in…

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