Discover the magic behind any website and start building your WordPress site with ease. Say goodbye to guesswork, and let our user-friendly WP detector plugin tool you through the process.

WPThemeDetector (WPTD) is an AI-based plugin that identifies a particular website’s WordPress themes & plugins, web hosting, and more, they’re using.

Uncover all this information with just a few clicks and begin building your dream website today!

🔍 What is WPThemeDetector?


WPThemeDetector [WPTD] is a free identifier for anyone who wants to find out what themes, plugins, and hosting a WordPress website is using.

With a single click, this AI tool detects a WordPress site’s complex blueprint and displays all templates/themes, plugins, and hosting details in a simple table of information.

Inside the Theme Details section, you will come to know about:

  • WordPress Theme Name: Uncover the name of the active WordPress theme (built in PHP language).
  • Theme URL: Access a live link to the theme. (may contain affiliate links).
  • Theme Screenshot: Visualize the theme with a screenshot.
  • Author Information: Discover details about the theme’s author.
  • Theme Last Update: Learn when the theme was last updated.
  • WordPress Version: Find out which WordPress version the theme supports.
  • PHP Version: Identify the PHP version compatible with the theme.
  • Theme Description: Gain insights into the theme’s features and purpose.
  • Theme Tags: Complete list of tags of the detected WordPress theme.

Top WordPress Themes 2024:

Discover the recommended WordPress themes, endorsed by WPThemeDetector – WordPress Theme Plugin Detector Website, highlighting versatility, performance, and user-friendly customization options.

  • Kadence WP: Easy to use with unlimited design possibilities (we use at WPThemeDetector)
  • Elegant Themes (Divi): Premium WordPress themes and plugins with a focus on design.
  • GeneratePress: Lightweight and customizable WordPress theme for speed and flexibility.
  • Blocksy: Modern and feature-rich WordPress theme for diverse website needs.
  • Thrive Theme Builder: Conversion-focused WordPress themes and plugins for online businesses.

Inside the Detected Plugins section, you get the list of installed plugins along with:

  • WordPress Plugins List: Get a list of installed plugins.
  • Links: Direct links (some may contain affiliate links) to the plugin’s official website.

Must-use WordPress Plugins 2024:

Uncover the leading WordPress plugins, showcasing enhanced functionality, seamless integration, and optimal performance for your website.

  • AIO Shortcodes: The best shortcode plugin with 100+ dynamic shortcodes (strongly recommended)
  • Rank Math: #1 WordPress SEO plugin in 2024
  • WP Rocket: The best WordPress performance plugin.
  • ShortPixel Image Optimizer: Optimize images automatically, while guarding the quality of your images.
  • Solid Security: Shield your site from cyberattacks and prevent security vulnerabilities.

And lastly, the section identifies website hosting information, including:

  • Hosting Provider Name: Get information on the website’s hosting provider with an official link (sometimes it may contain affiliate links).
  • Server IP Address: Know the server’s IP address.
  • Location & Country: Discover the physical location of the server.
  • Owner Details (Whois): Access Whois information about the website.
  • Nameservers List: Explore the list of nameservers.

Top WordPress Hosting 2024

Explore the top WordPress hosting providers list (officially recommended by WPThemeDetector – WordPress Theme Plugin Detector Website team), offering reliable services, robust performance, and user-friendly interfaces for seamless website management.

  • Bluehost: Reliable hosting with a user-friendly interface.
  • Hostinger: Affordable hosting with robust features.
  • Cloudways: Managed cloud hosting for flexibility and performance.
  • Nexcess: Specialized in high-performance and scalable hosting solutions.
  • A2 Hosting: Emphasizes speed and developer-friendly features.

Additionally, you can browse our WordPress Themes or WordPress Plugins section to find a suitable one for yourself or read our blog (up-to-date tutorials) related to WordPress topics.

🔧 How To Use WPThemeDetector [WPTD]?

It’s easy: follow the steps below to check, what WordPress theme and plugin a website is using.

Just enter a website link that you want to detect inside the “WPThemeDetector – WordPress Theme Plugin Detector Website search box” and hit the “Detect” button.

wp theme detector plugin

In mere moments, our tool will deliver an in-depth breakdown of the website’s blueprint – complete details about the themes, plugins, and current web hosting services.

wp theme detector results

The entire process will take less than 5 seconds to show respective results. Meanwhile, in any case, taking more time, then totally depends on how fast is the internet speed, and sometimes it could cause bad web hosting issues for the WordPress site is hosted.

🎨 What WordPress Theme is That? 🧩 What WordPress Plugin is That?


There are tons of free and premium WordPress themes and plugins available that turn a simple boring website into an attractive & eye-catching blog.

You may be excited to know how a particular WordPress website has been modified and designed, so you can make similar changes on your site.

In such situations, our AI WPThemeDetector plugin comes into play. This detector is a free tool that can help you to know, “what WordPress theme is that” and “what WordPress plugin is that” – used for identifying WordPress CMS (content management system) based sites.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

wpthemedetector faqs

Here are some questions and answers related to WordPress Theme Checker and Plugin Detector tool that you might be interested to know.

What is WP?

WP typically refers to “WordPress,” which is a popular content management system (CMS) used to create and manage blog websites. WordPress provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customizable themes and plugins, making it accessible for both beginners and advanced bloggers.

Is WordPress Theme Checker tool free?

Yes. This tool is 100% free.

Are there any limitations in detecting themes or plugins using WPThemeDetector?

No, there are no limitations in detecting themes or plugins using WP Theme Detector AI.

Does this tool require my details before using it?

No! All you need to enter is the website URL (domain address) and leave everything to the WPTD tool. It’ll work independently, and in a moment, all themes, plugins built in PHP, and web hosting details will be displayed on your screen.

Can I use a detected theme for my WordPress website?

Yes, if this tool successfully identifies a PHP theme used on a WordPress website, you can use that information to potentially find and use the same theme for your WordPress website.

How accurate are plugins and theme results?

Our tool provides the most accurate results detection possible if you’re searching for a site running on WordPress CMS.

WordPress theme vs plugins: what’s the difference?

A WordPress theme is an external file that is used to style a website, whereas plugins are meant to add extra functionalities inside a website environment. Your WordPress website can have one active theme at a time. But there is no limit for plugin usage because each one focuses on adding a specific feature to your site.

Can WP Theme Checker also display hosting information?

Unfortunately, this tool can’t detect who is hosting a website. Hopefully, there is another free tool available “Hosting Finder” built by WPThemeDetector [WPTD],  which you can use to check website hosting details.

Showing, “It is not using WordPress”: what should I do?

If you search for a domain or website that is not built on WordPress CMS, it will display the result, “It is not using WordPress”. In such a situation, we can’t do anything as this is a WordPress detector tool and can’t check other CMS details.

Your results need to be corrected. Where can I report them?

We are always trying to improve WP Theme Detector tool. If you think there are some inaccurate results, you can help us fix the issue by sending us a message on the contact page.

📋 Summary + Top Picks: WordPress Themes, Plugins & Hosting

Here, I’ve put together how to find what wp theme is using that website using the WP Theme Checker tool.

Lastly, I would like to share my recommendation on WordPress themes and plugins (just in case you are looking for…).

The best WordPress themes are:

Top WordPress plugins are:

  • Rank Math: All-in-one SEO plugin – without a website can’t rank in 2024
  • Elementor: The world’s #1-page builder that is fully compatible with all themes
  • WP Rocket: It’s a cache plugin that I use on my all WordPress websites
  • Kadence Blocks: A super solid Gutenberg plugin for Kadence theme users

And 2024‘s best hosts are:

In the last, this WP Theme Detector tool is 100% free and you can use it to detect/identify any WordPress theme, plugin, and hosting behind, even without giving your personal information.

P. S. WPThemeDetector has a lot of articles for folks interested in getting into WordPress and the blogging business. We have tutorials, guides, and reviews, that you may be interested in checking out.

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